High standard of the Investment

Only the best materials are used in the construction: perforated brick for exterior and partition walls and Wienerberger ceramic roofing tiles in the majority of the apartments and in all of the homes Schiedel ceramic chimney system for the fireplaces, Immergas condensing boilers, externall stone sills, upstanding facade materials, massive slabs between floors, paved and illuminated residential roads.

Perfect location

Małe Wilczyce is a development on the border between Wrocław and Kiełczów surrounded by greenery. There is a public transport bus station right by the housing estate and numerous stores, schools and kindergardens in the immediate vicinity. 

Excellent source of facilities is the nearby Psie Pole. Additionally, at the entrance of the estate will be built a service center with a grocery store and a cafe.

Competitive price and low maintenance cost

Competetive price and low maintenance costs Małe Wilczyce offers villas in the price of apartments in high buildings located in neighboring Psie Pole, and the cost of the house is similar to the purchase price of the medium sized apartment closer to the center of Wroclaw. All of the buildings are rent-free. Full land ownership, high quality materials for construction and modern technological solutions result in lower monthly maintenance cost for the owner of the villa or the house.

Green areas and recreation

Green areas and recreation Kiełczów and Wilczyce are places full of greenery, our nieghbourhood is located directly on the edge of the forest within  close reach of receational areas and bicycle trails.  For the greater comfort of the residents, at the central point of Małe Wilczyce park will be built including playground for children, alleys and a seating area for all residents.

A perfect place for families

Perfect place for families Małe Wilczyce is a dream place for families and those seeking serenity. Nobody gets here by accident, our clients by choosing our  investment follow their needs for safety, tranquility and more living space.Małe  Wilczyce is a new way of living- away from the hustle and bustle, yet close to the city,  without smog and surrounded by greenery.  Time flies slower here.